Reynella Kindergarten

Department for Education


Nutrition, Healthy and Beverages Policy


This kindergarten promotes safe, healthy eating habits in line with the Right Bite Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for South Australian Schools and Preschools and relates to the DECD Wellbeing strategy.

We believe early childhood is a very important time in establishing lifelong, healthy eating habits and can benefit the children in three ways:

  1. Short term: maximises growth, development, activity levels & health;
  2. Long term: minimises the risk of diet related diseases later in life;
  3. Good nutrition contributes to good health and wellbeing and this is vital for positive engagement in learning activities.

Therefore: staff model and encourage healthy eating behaviours; food and drink are consumed in a safe, supportive environment for all children; and parents and caregivers are encouraged to supply healthy foods that fit within the Right Bite strategy for their children at preschool. This food policy was established after consultation with staff and families within the preschool community.


Our preschool’s food and nutrition curriculum is consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia, and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. It includes activities that provide children with knowledge, attitudes and skills to make positive healthy food choices and learn about the variety of foods available for good health. It also includes opportunities for children to develop practical food skills like preparing and cooking healthy food relating to the curriculum learning outcome: ‘Children have a strong sense of wellbeing and take an increasing responsibility for their own health’.

The learning environment

Fresh, clean, filtered tap water is always available & children are reminded to drink water regularly through the day. We eat routinely at scheduled break times. We eat in a positive, social environment with staff who model healthy eating behaviours. We use the preschool garden to learn about and experience growing, harvesting & preparing nutritious foods.

Our kindergarten provides rewards that are not related to food or drink. We understand and promote the importance of breakfast and regular meals for children. We teach the importance of healthy meals and snacks as part of the curriculum. We’re a breastfeeding friendly site.

Food supply

Our preschool encourages healthy food and drink choices for children in line with the Right Bite strategy. We encourages food choices which represent, are inclusive of & culturally sensitive to foods of the preschool community. We will ensure a healthy food supply for preschool activities and events in line with the Right Bite Strategy. We display nutrition information and promotional materials about healthy eating and provide the following guidelines for families for food brought from home or provided within preschool time:

Fruit time: Parents and carers are encouraged to supply fresh (not dried) fruit and vegetables at fruit time to provide children with important minerals and vitamins. We encourage a taste for healthy foods and praise “having a try” of new foods.

Food and drinks provided to children: Parents and carers are encouraged to provide healthy food and drink choices in line with the Right Bite strategy. Staff will ensure that food provided to children by the preschool is in line with Right Bite.

Due to the common occurrence of nut allergies in our kindergarten Governing Council decided to maintain a nut free site, whether or not children with known allergies to nuts were enrolled or not. This includes coconut and hazelnut products.

Created and approved by Governing Council September 2013

Reviewed and endorsed May 2015

Reviewed 2018